Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Rump Guard

Not exciting, but a great idea. I did not see this at the ISN show, but I saw it on and had to share it. My apologies for not coming up with something original today (also, I had to edit out the foul language, this is a PG-rated blog). But I saw this, loved it, and loved the price. Perfect for anyone turning a wrench, a screwdriver, or working with tools for a living.

Despite owning tool belts and tool aprons, for some reason my tools always seem to end up in my back pocket, inevitably poking holes through my jeans and into my bum. Duluth’s Rump Guard looks like a possible solution. Think of it as a bullet-proof pocket protector for your a__: it’s made from denim and Kevlar – a 73% cotton / 21% polyester / 6% Kevlar blend.Its snap loop connects to your belt, allowing you to position its handy pocket protector for maximum comfort. It also more than doubles the capacity of your jeans pocket, adding numerous additional compartments for tools and gear, plus a dangling hook to carry tape.Plus, its street pricing of $13 is a lot cheaper than torn-up jeans — or worse yet, torn up you.Kevlar Denim Rump Guard [Duluth Trading]PS: Does anyone else feel like Duluth Trading is like the J. Peterman Company of tools, complete with their witty descriptions and hand-drawn illustration?

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