Friday, July 13, 2007

Independent Mobile Jobbers - Who Cares?

A follow-up to my earlier post on the ISN Show. I recently spoke with Mr. Lynn Stokes, founder of the Independent Mobile Tool Distributors Association, headquartered in California. He is pleased to announce that when the independent tool distributor asks him or herself "who cares about me and my business?", the IMTDA answers - "we do". He has formed IMTDA in an effort to provide a network of professionals who are all in the mobile tool distribution business. He recognizes that many independent distributors may "feel like you're floating around by yourself". "With IMTDA", he says, "you now have a network to draw from." IMTDA is already offering technical and moral support to their members. Stokes can also provide the members with instant feedback to each other, via the use of their members-only forum. He envisions that IMTDA will provide members a way to keep in touch with each other, to learn best practices from each other and to guide, help, and motivate each other when necessary. He says members can use the e-mail list to ask questions of other members, and they'll get answers, quickly.
He is also in negotiations with a vinyl sign manufacturer to create a new sign for his members' trucks. It will read "Proud Member of IMTDA" and he feels it will add to the credibility of the members.

At the ISN Show they had 10 -12 of their members in attendance and met formally for the first time. They have member distributors nationwide, including Hawaii.

Stokes says they are currently in discussions with SK Hand Tools and Chicago Pneumatic to develop several opportunities for their members, including an advisory board, a demo tool program and special pricing.

As I said in my earlier post, keep an eye on this Association. They have a lofty ambition and an enthusiatic leader. They are going places and bringing people with them.

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