Thursday, July 26, 2007

Me and My Scooter

To all of you who wondered what I look like on my scooter, here I am, zipping through town. That's right, since joining Babcox, I added a scooter to my fleet of vehicles. This one tops out at 45mph, but it gets over 65 mpg! Since I only drive 3 miles to work one way, it seemed the smart thing to do - save gas, save the environment. But don't worry, in case you think I've abandoned the automotive aftermarket - remember - I live in NE Ohio. It rains a lot, it snows a lot, and I can generally only ride my scooter about 45 - 120 days out of the year, leaving lots of days for me to drive my 4-wheeled gas-sipper and support the aftermarket. (I wanted a pink Power Ranger type of motorcycle jacket, but my kids bought me the jacket and matching helmet. I couldn't say no.)
For motorcyclists and scooter riders too, the MSF has five critical messages:
Get Trained and Licensed - Take an MSF RiderCourse and get licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Visit, or call (800) 446-9227.
Wear Protective Gear - Wear proper protective riding gear - all the gear all the time - most importantly a helmet that meets Department of Transportation standards.
Ride Unimpaired - Never use alcohol or other drugs when riding.
Ride Within Your Limits - Don't ride faster or longer than your abilities allow.
Be a Lifelong Learner - Regularly return for refresher rider training courses to brush up on skills and knowledge.
For car drivers and other motorists, the MSF says:
Look Out for Motorcyclists - Use your eyes and mirrors to see what's around.
Don't Be Distracted - Hang up and drive, put down the food, the pet, the personal grooming gear, the MP3 player, and the reading material and save it for later.
Give Two-Wheelers Some Room - Don't tailgate or get too close.
Use Your Turn Signals - Signal your intentions. It's also the law.

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