Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Update on Tool Shows

Laguna Beach, looking south.
David Bonitz, Silvertronics' Director of Sales for North America, shows off the quality of one of his leads to a Cornwell Dealer.
Patrick Gottsch, of CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) had a great display. Knives are a hot item with mobile distributors.
Bill Stemple, VP of Marketing for Cornwell, reviews some of the new features of this Cornwell toolbox.

Spent last week in the West: first half of the week in Las Vegas for the Matco Show, second half in southern California (mostly Anaheim) for the Cornwell Show. Here's the 25 second review:

1 - LOTS of positive comments about business in general at both shows.

2 - was told by Matco personnel that they had strung two months of positive sales together and expected April to continue the trend

3 - was told by Cornwell management that their dealers are paying their bills on time and that technicians are (finally) getting financing.

4 - many manufacturers reported dismal sales since last Oct or Nov, but many were starting to see an uptick in orders. Some of this uptick came in February, some didn't start 'til March
5 - Santa Monica Beach has an interesting pier if you like touristy spots, but Laguna has a prettier beach.
Up is up. I'll take it. More info to follow later in the week.


Donnie Smith said...

It's good to hear sales are picking up a little.

Baron's Life said...

Yeah The Matco show was very upbeat which is a good thing.
It was nice to finally meet you.
Keep up the good work

Beth Skove, Publisher said...

Thanks Donnie and Baron for your comments. I am cautiously optimistic that parts of our industry may be trending upward.