Thursday, June 21, 2007

Celebrating Anniversaries and Other Simple Things

Whether it's a personal anniversary, an anniversary of the business entity, a co-worker's anniversary, or some other anniversary - any anniversary provides the opportunity to celebrate and share good times with the people with whom you work.
Why is this important? Because it builds teamwork, morale, a sense of belonging, a feeling of shared experiences. And recognizing an anniversary does not have to be elaborate or expensive. It can be as simple as a card, or as big as lunch out with the gang. My favorite way to celebrate starts with donuts in the morning and ends with cake in the afternoon. Unfortunately, this can lead to a little sluggish work in the mid-afternoon hours, so I recommend you find your own way to celebrate.
Did you know that most people do not quit jobs because of pay or work hours, or even their boss? They quit because they feel underappreciated. Next time an important milestone rolls around your place, whether it's an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, or the birth of a child, make the time to acknowledge the event. You'll be a better person for it and your work atmosphere will improve as well.
Coincidentally, today we celebrated Jennifer McMullen's 10th anniversary with Babcox Publications. She has been an editor with Babcox for 10 years, and has been editor of TechShop for the past five years. Congratulations Jennifer! Looking forward to the next ten!

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