Thursday, March 8, 2007

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Someone asked me that in a business situation yesterday and I thought, well, right now I'm trying to wrap up a relative's estate and I'm in a serious time bind as deadlines are involved. It doesn't keep me up at night, but it's been waking me up early every morning this week and last. Because the deadline for filing in Probate Court is Monday. And today is Thursday. And I thought to myself, what does this have to do with Tools?

If you're running a shop or turning a wrench or selling tools or making tools, one thing we all have in common is taxes. We all know what the other thing is. My father-in-law died last April and we're finally wrapping up all these loose ends. And it really hit me last night, is this what I'm working for? For someone to file a bunch of paperwork with a bunch of strangers, a year after I die? I don't know. It's just a weird feeling to be doing this, thinking that once a person's gone - they're gone. We all face it. And I wonder, how many technicians or shop owners plan for that day? My father-in-law's death finally prompted me and my husband to create wills so at least our children will be taken care of. How many of you have thought about creating a will but haven't gotten around to it? If you have children and/or a spouse, and even a little bit of net worth, you owe it to them to at least draft a will. If you have a lot of net worth or you own a shop or some trucks, you're going to need more than a will.

Most important lessons I've learned from this whole endeavor -

1 - I will let someone know what my plans are.
2 - I will keep good records and LET SOMEONE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE KEPT
3 - I will keep more than one copy of legal documents. One copy will be kept with my lawyer or finance guy, one copy will be in the house for my spouse and kids, and one will be kept with a friend or family member.

Save your family some grief - even if you don't think it will happen to you for at least another 30 or 40 years. Plan now. It's a pain to those you leave behind if you don't.

And now, because this topic is a little depressing, I'll leave you with five of my favorite English subtitles that were actually used in films made in Hong Kong. They crack me up. (Say quickly and with a slight accent, think "Godzira")

1 - You always use violence. I should have ordered glutinous rice chicken.
2 - You daring lousy guy.
3 - Who gave you the nerve to get killed here?
4 - Beware! Your bones are going to be disconnected.
5 - I have been scared sh--less too much lately.

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